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Meet Kihachiro 

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Kihachiro Nishiura,  a Japanese Calligrapher

Kihachiro is an artist, philosopher, and bridge-maker. For the last 20 years, he traveled throughout Japan, U.S., Europe and abroad performing his refined practice of calligraphy, incense ceremonies, flower arrangements and tea ceremonies. His commitment to cultural-sharing through the way of art led to establish his own school of cultural arts, the Nishiura Style.


He came from a family who has a long tradition of art, so since childhood he was exposed to a variety of different art styles. He decided to broaden his perspective outside of art and go to school abroad. While attending college in the United States, he received a special postcard from a friend. On the postcard was a Buddhist statue. He immediately was inspired and transformed by the power of this picture. He stated he could feel the emotions of the statue’s creator and that picture became a light in the darkness during the hardest times of his life.


His vision is to show other people through cultural exchange an inspiring light of which guides them on a lifelong journey pursuing “the essence of beauty” in all things.

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